Sysupgrade not working (Xiaomi Mi Router 3 Pro)

Hello. I'm trying to upgrade a Xiaomi Mi Router 3 Pro from Openwrt 21.02.0 to 21.02.1.

Whenever I run sysupgrade, the router reboots but comes back up exactly the same version: 21.02.0.

I've tried doing a firstboot but the problem persists.

I haven't flashed a factory image again via mtd because it seems that the partition names change between the instructions here for the stock firmware and openwrt.

Any advice on troubleshooting aditionally? I'm going to set up a backup router in its place and try logging in through serial tomorrow.

Did you ever found a solution for this?

Nope.. I ended up using a different router I had laying around. I plan on opening this one up and connecting via uart when I get the chance.