Sysupgrade mismatch

Hi everyone, I have an Archer V7 that I would like to upgrade from OpenWrt 19.07.1 to OpenWrt 19.07.2. I downloaded the sysyupgrade file from but says it is not the correct file. I am 100% sure that mine is a C7 as shown in the pictures. Why is this happening?



You are likely currently running the "ath79" version of the firmware and you are now trying to install the semi-deprecated ar71xx based image.

The device ID string is slightly different:

Possibly you can just force it, but preferably you should download and flash the ath79 version.

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@hnyman thank you for your reply. So what are the differences between those?

ar71xx is deprecated and has been marked as source only in June 2019. The replacement target for the same hardware is DTS based ath79.

ath79 is the successor of ar71xx. It's modernization under the hood, with the main goal to bring the code into a form that is acceptable for Linux upstream, so that all (most) of the whole ar71xx supported devices can be handled by an upstream, unpatched Linux kernel.


Thank you @tmomas . I'll try.