Sys-logs:possible DNS-rebind attack detected...plex

After installing Plex media server on my debian server, I'm getting the "possible DNS-rebind attack" sys-log messages. The Plex forum/howtos give instructions on how to exempt Plex, saying that since this is happening within my LAN, it can be ignored. I agree with this to a point, but wondered what Openwrt folks think about this strategy, so I searched here and read 2-3 threads about these messages. They seem to come up in huge blocks when I open Plex in my browser locally using: "http://my-server-ip:port." I'm guessing that's because of the insecure "http" used on the browser within my LAN. I mainly use Plex to serve content to my TV thru Roku. This is evidently a secure "https" connection, and fewer or no warnings come up then. So should I ignore these messages? Or is there a way to turn them off in Openwrt? And if I do that will it also delete other warnings not related to Plex that might be more serious?

If I remember right there is actually a checkbox in the DHCP menu in Luci for this.

But that procedure also comes with a risk.

On the DHCP page, under “Domain whitelist” add or whichever domains you trust are safe.

http/https aren’t really part of the problem.

OK, that worked fine and is directed only at those specific warnings, thx!

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