SyRotech Router SY-GPON-2010-WADONT [ Firmware]

Dear OpenWrt Developer Team,

I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to kindly request access to the firmware for my SyroTech router with the intention of installing the OpenWRT operating system. OpenWRT is an open-source firmware that offers advanced customization and enhanced performance capabilities for routers, and I am eager to utilize it on my SyroTech device.

Here are the details of my SyroTech router:

Router Model: [SY-GPON-2010-WADONT]
Current Firmware Version: [V3.2.02-230110]
Serial Number: [5447E8-123455447E88022AE]

I understand that SyroTech provides customized firmware for their routers, and I would appreciate your assistance in obtaining the necessary firmware files or instructions to install OpenWRT on my router.

Please provide any relevant information, firmware files, or guidance required to perform this firmware upgrade safely. I am aware that the installation of OpenWRT may void any warranties and may carry some risks, but I am committed to taking the necessary precautions to ensure a successful installation.

If there are any specific steps I need to follow or if you require additional information from me, please do not hesitate to inform me. I am fully prepared to comply with any necessary procedures to complete this process.

I genuinely appreciate your prompt attention to this request. Enabling the use of OpenWRT on my SyroTech router will provide me with advanced networking capabilities and customization options that I am enthusiastic about.

If you have any questions or require further details, I look forward to your response and any assistance you can provide in obtaining the firmware for OpenWRT on my SyroTech router.

Thank you for your support and dedication for satisfaction.


In order for this to be supported, you will likely need to participate in the development efforts. First thing that is required is a list of all of the major components inside the router - specifically the main SoC/CPU, the wireless chipset, the Ethernet switch chipset, and the ram and flash storage chips. This is the first and most important aspect to understand if support is even possible. Please start with that and the developer community can help you understand if openwrt could plausibly run on your router.

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How to find guide me
specifically the main SoC/CPU, the wireless chipset, the Ethernet switch chipset, and the ram and flash storage chips

i have visited there websites but not yet mentioned all those things Hardware specs

Search the internet or open your device and take pictures of all of the chips.

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can we find hardware support from Current Firmware Version

Not easily. It is possible if you are an experienced developer and can reverse engineer the firmware. But the easiest starting point is to get a list of parts by looking inside.

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ok i will try to open my router and capture pictures and upload here
Thanks for reply and Help