Synology RT6600AX Announced

Looks like there is a new one in town:

Triple Wifi, one 2.5Gbit Port and from the FCC fotos it looks like a Qualcomm:

Appears to be rather similar to Xiaomi AX9000 with the QCN9024 as the third radio, wouldn't be surprised if the CPU is IPQ8072A as well.

From the very blurry FCC images, I would read ipq6018 (which doesn't really make sense, but…).

It could very well be, its slightly cheaper and 2x2 only, but QCN9024 is 4x4 160MHz and that's 4804 Mbps PHY rate.
IPQ6018 at 2.4GHz and 2x2 is 573Mbps and at 5GHz at 2x2 (No 4x4 is supported on IPQ6018) is 1201 Mbps

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Hi everybody sorry the trhead is french but interestant