Switching from one OpenWrt build to another [kong > hnyman]

I'd like to switch from Kong's OpenWrt R7800 to hnyman's build.
Am I able to flash a sysupgrade image from hnyman over top kong? Or do I need to revert to stock and reflash the firmware?
I don't need to keep any of my old settings.

Thanks in advance.


My best guess is that it should be fine. @hnyman?

I flashed straight from Kong to hynman using the sysupgrade package. Kept the config and everything went well. I’d feel comfortable with the sysupgrade. Master builds have been great on the 5.4 kernel.

If you are nervous you could choose to not keep your config file and unclick the box when loading the hynman’s sysupgrade. That’ll give you a hynman’s build with the defaults.

In the end as a backup - tftp is very easy on a r7800 so you can always save yourself if the above doesn’t work for some reason.


Thanks! I successfully flashed hnyman using sysupgrade


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