Switching default gateway for failover


Is there any software for openwrt which switches the default gateway for failover.
I looked at mwan3 but its too complicated for my use case and requires interfaces.
It should ping through gatway1 and gatway2 and set the default route accordingly.




I'd like to switch the default route in lan but not on interfaces.
As I understand mwan3 can not do this.

Yes this can be done with MWAN3. LAN => WAN & WAN2 you aren't changing the route. You are just providing more than one WAN gateway. If that makes any sense at all.

As an example my lan is:

and i have 2 gateways on this lan: and

if is working it should add the default route to otherwise to the second router (

I don't need any interfaces (WAN, WANB WAN2 or whatever) what should they be good for?

On that interface you can go DHCP options => Advanced

In the DHCP options enter 3,,

What that does is tell your clients that get an ip address that there are two default gateways. Of course if you have statics that need this you'll have to manually set that in addition to.