Switch off LAN LEDs for Linksys EA8300

Hi Guys, I just starting using OpwnWrt on my Linksys EA8300.
It's so much better than Linksys trying to push its horrible cloud account, and so far I have no issues.
I'm trying to completely turn off all LEDs and I'm having trouble figuring out how to disable the LAN LEDs.
With the OEM firmware, you can do this by disabling activity lights (https://www.wikihow.tech/Turn-Off-the-Port-Activity-Lights-to-a-Linksys-Smart-Router).

There's an LED named ath10k-phy0 in OpenWrt:

cat /sys/class/leds/ath10k-phy0/trigger
none [switch0] timer heartbeat default-on netdev usbport phy0rx phy0tx phy0assoc phy0radio phy0tpt phy1rx phy1tx phy1assoc phy1radio phy1tpt phy2rx phy2tx phy2assoc phy2radio phy2tpt

I'm not sure exactly what this LED does, so I'm guessing it's for the LAN lights. I've tried the following config:

config led
	option sysfs 'ath10k-phy0'
	option trigger 'none'
	option port_mask 0x1e

but this doesn't do anything. I'm not really sure how to use port masks as there aren't really detailed examples that I could find.

Since the OEM firmware can do this, I assume OpenWrt should also be able to, although maybe the firmware needs to be patched somehow to support this?

I hope someone will have some insight on this for my router


ath10k is related to Atheros wireless, not LAN.

Sounds reasonable.

This doc refers to a package that is not available for this target.
I have a MR8300 which is a close model. I had a look on that possibility (in the packages stock) and find no obvious answer. There are 4 LEDs of only one seems to be actually soldered blue:power.