Switch D-link DGS-1210-08P VS 10P pour le firmware openwrt

Je possède un DGS-1210-08P que j'aimerai rendre openvpn, mais le firmware openwrt n'est connu de la base openwrt que pour le DGS-1210-10P (différence au niveau des ports il me semble).

Mon idée serait de flasher mon switch avec le firmware du 10P.

Qu'en pensez vous ?

Merci à tous pour vos retours.


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The DGS-1210-08P is not supported. The DGS-1210 series is a large series of switches, I don't think the SoC that OpenWrt supports started to be used until the F1 revision of the -10P. There was some work to make custom builds for older switches, including the -08P. See here:

It looks like it will be some task to get OpenWrt to work on it.

It may be possible to support some of the A and B versions of the D-Link DGS-1210 series as the SOC used is a derived from the Marvell Kirkwood series. There is a dtsi file for one version of the switch SOC kirkwood-98dx4122.dtsi and two devices that make use of the dtsi (kirkwood-km_fixedeth.dts, kirkwood-km_kirkwood.dts) available in the mainline kernel. I have no idea how complete the support is, but this might be a good starting point for anyone inclined to attempt adding support for the Marvell based switches.