Suricata 6 for OpenWrt

Anyone want to test for me? Must build from source. This will, at some point, error.. I'll promise it now (rust will do it until I get more testers). I would suggest building outside of your main buildroot.

This requires a decent piece of kit. Running the Emerging-Threats Open and built-in rules, it has a massive RAM footprint on my device.

21556 root 486m S {Suricata-Main} suricata -c /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml -i eth0 -v -D

I do not have an init.d script for it yet - there is no luCi app for Suricata. Just testing to see if it'll work and, when it doesn't, why. Any help anyone can give would be gratefully appreciated!

Using gh pr or git cherry-pick

Suricata6 will be under Network/Firewall and Language/Rust will give you compiler options that I'm still working on :slight_smile:

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