Supported Hardware not availbale in market

Dear Team

I like to install Open WRT in Tp-Link devices but i am not able to find the version mention on website , i usally found old version whcih are not available in market , can you suggest from where i can get new software versions

Your question is unclear to me.

Maybe ?

I suspect he'd like to source a supported TP-Link device but none is available in the area.

I am trying to install open wrt in router where to link router

My router version 5 where open wrt support ver. 4 then how can I do installation and not able to find old version model in market

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I need latest version of Open WRT which i can use with latest version of Hardwares as given Hardware not available in Market so with latest firmware new version of Open WRT can help

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There are a lot of routers that are supported... You can look at this link to help select one:

There are also discussions such as this one and this one and many others in this category that may help you find a good router for your needs.

You can find many good, relatively recent routers available on the used market (depending on where you are in the world, the sites may be different -- but eBay, craigslst, facebook marketplace, etc. would be some in the US). You can also buy new devices in many electronics/computer stores online or in retail locations.

If you mention the model for your router, maybe you get an answer as to if and when it will be supported.

It takes some time to get a new model or a version supported, because it needs to have a developer get their hands on a router, study the specs, port it, etc.

And sometimes routers never get supported because it's not technically feasible or mensaje they are not attractive targets.