Looking for a perfect router for me

After reading for several days in search of a good router, I have had many questions and maybe you can help me :slight_smile:

Now I have an HGU router (ont + router + wifi) but the wifi doesn't work very well, and the router crashes every 2-3 days, also a very high bufferbloat.

I saw that some routers have an SFP connection. Is this valid to connect to a GPON? or would I have to use something like ufiber nano g (https://www.ui.com/ufiber/ufiber-nano-g/)?

I have some mandatory things:

  • Openwrt support (this was obvious? Haha)
  • Low latency (bufferbloat)
  • Stability
  • 100/100 internet without bufferbloat problems
  • Wifi (can be an independent device, the house is very small, I do not need great coverage)
  • vpn, 50/50 would be enough
  • 3 ports free
  • Connect phones rj11? or use a VoIP?

Things I would like:

  • 8 ethernet ports to avoid having an extra switch
  • Failover 3G / 4G support

I liked the robust design of the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X but I do not know if it would meet all expectations, are there similar things on the market but more complete? (wifi and better cpu for example)
I think FRITZ! BOX 6890 LTE would have everything but I think not many people use it

€ 450 is the maximum I would spend on ont + router

@agalera, welcome to the community!

Not usually - they then to be proprietary and offer Ethernet connections via RJ-45 from the ISP-provided ONT. Inquire at your ISP.

Wow...it's your lucky day! :four_leaf_clover:

There's only one: https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_available_16128?dataflt[Ethernet+GBit+ports_*~]=8

VoIP possible; but for built-in voice ports, you need specialized inbound phone ports...usually on devices provided by Cable/Phone providers or custom-built PBX machines. [u]It's easier (and cheaper) to set up VoIP and buy an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter).

Sure, add a 4G USB adapter.

I was looking at openwrt and saw that the R8000 was easy to install and that it seemed very complete, I looked at the price on amazon and it was at € 220 and reconditioned at € 80 ... I bought it directly.

Good decision?

It's ok, but not great. It should do the line speed you want, although I don't know how well it'll cope if you start adding SQM to deal with bufferbloat. Depending on which VPN you use you might get the speeds you want.

Not sure what the WiFi will be like, think the R8000 uses a Broadcom chip which don't have the greatest support (due to Broadcom not releasing open source drivers).

Tbh, with the budget you said you had I'd have gone with separate devices for router and wifi. Something like a RPi4 does great as a router although you do need to a USB to ethernet adaptor and managed switch to get the best out of it. Still it would probably all come in at less than €100, maybe even less than what you spent on the R8000. You'd then have plenty of cash left over to spend on a decent AP or two. Maybe something from Ubiquiti or the Omada line from TP-Link.

I can still cancel the order. I want to avoid using a raspberry pi 4 for this.
Is there something like Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X but with more power? or the power it brings is enough? I think it would be ideal, and then connect a powerful AC

Can I ask why?

I have several rpi right now at home, I have 3 rpi 3 and one rpi 4, I remember that I was not able to go over 300mbps in the local network ... but now that I think about it it was maybe rpi 3 and not rpi 4.

It will have been. Because of the way it was all connected internally there was a significant bottleneck on the older Pi models, meaning that you wouldn't get much over 300mbps. That's all changed in the 4 and the ethernet port will run at proper gigabit speeds, as will a decent usb to ethernet adaptor (one using the RTL8153 chipset).

I have a rpi 4 at home that I had assigned to another project but I can use it for this one until I receive the new one.
Any recommendation from usb to ethernet? any recommended switch? (I would look for something with 8 ports or more)

I'd recommend the TP-Link UE300 USB to Ethernet adaptor and TL-SG108E switch (they do a PoE version is well if you think you'd need that). I use both with my RPi4 with no issues.


I only need the WiFi ac, ubiquiti has a lot of variety, I would need something that reaches a 10 m radio distance (the router is in the center and the house is very small)

and thanks for all the help, I did not find a post where they tell you clearly what to buy and that says "this works well" hehe

I use a TP-Link EAP 245 as a single access point in a relatively small property (two bedroom UK terraced house) without any issues. All my devices get pretty much full internet speed all through the house. I'd expect you'd get similar performance from an equivalent Ubiquiti device.

See RPi4 routing performance numbers for RPi4 performance numbers.

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With all the given requirements if I were you, I would buy a MikroTik RB2011. You will have most of the mandatory things in a single device, working right out-of-the box (except the telephony of-course) :wink:

@krazeh thank you for sharing your setup, i'm considering doing the same. Just curious are you running openwrt on the rpi? in the link posted by @tmomas they ran raspbian.

Checkout NanoPi R2S

Yeah, I'm running OpenWRT on mine. Works great.