Support USB Adapter Wifi 6 AX AIC8800 DC

There is a new and inexpensive USB wifi ax adapter from the manufacturer Aicsemi.
The aic 8800 dc adapter model looks like this

I couldn’t find any information about drivers for openwrt, although the driver sources are available on github:

I ask for help from developers to add to openwrt, because... I myself do not know how to configure modules for the kernel.

did you find any driver in the Linux kernel ?

then do yourself a favor, and get something that's already supported

frollic, I heard you and your inappropriate sarcasm.
I'm just asking for any help from the community, at least information, a link to an article on the assembly.

Provide at least lsusb and check if debian or fedora loads any driver in their default configs.


the question is very much relevant, don't blame me, if it went over your head.
@brada4 asked the same thing, using other words.

if there's no kernel support, there's nothing to assemble, unless you want to maintain your own personal driver, until it gets merged (assuming it'll ever happen).

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that is definitely source for a driver there I guess you have 3 steps basically

  • does it compile with kernels used by openwrt ? (5.15.x, 6.1.x or 6.6x)
  • make a kernel package with a Makefile and the source and possibly a firmware package
  • hope the driver actually works

I think it's fair enough to politely ask someone with help or to just make the kernel package from the source assuming it even does compile, but of course no one is obligated to actually just go and do it for you obviously etc.

Maybe it is 10x supoorted by linux, justv5hat noone can see the picture or get usb numbers.

Hi, i found out this:

maybe can help

You really, really, really want to get that driver into the mainline kernel (which implies scrapping it and writing a new one from scratch). Vendor drivers won't get anywhere in the medium to longer term, especially for fringe uses - no one will volunteer to spend the time necessary to keep it working.

I dont even use OpenWRT, i got one sample of this AIC 8800, and found this thread on google while searching info about it, and so i wanted to share a link that might help.

Cool down please.