Support of IETF v6ops draft draft-ietf-v6ops-464xlat-optimization

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is the most appropriate list for this posting, otherwise, please, let me know other options.

We are working in a possible optimization to 464XLAT, in order to support old IPv4-only devices such as SmartTVs, STBs, etc., with 464XLAT, avoiding double translation (CLAT and PLAT) when the contents are already dual-stacked in the CDN/caches.

The document has recently been accepted as v6ops WG item:

I suggest, in addition to read the intro, possible optimization and problem statement (sections 1, 3, 4), to concentrate in the section 5.2, as it seems the best approach, as it doesn't need any change in the operators neither CDNs/caches, infrastructures. Only requires an internal CPE "coordination" between the CLAT/NAT and the DNS proxy.

So, I'm wondering if any of the OpenWRT developers, may be interested in participate in this document and do a proof of concept using OpenWRT. I'm not a developer, neither my co-author, so it will be not efficient for us to do it ourselves, but we can get involved in the testing, of course.

Also, if this is implemented, then we have a solution for IPv4 only devices behind the CPE, to talk to IPv6-only services in Internet (section 6). Nothing new to do in the CPE for this, just create A RRs for those services, even if they aren't connected to Internet with IPv4.

Thanks in advance for anything that you can suggest to approach this, and of course, for inputs on the document!