Support of fiber

Is there a ONU/router that support LEDE/OpenWRT firmware and fiber optical (SC Simplex) ?

Your best option would probably be a router with SFP ports (e.g. mvebu) and a sfp based transceiver matching your ISP's requirements (don't expect finding one to be easy or your ISP to be overly forthcoming).

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If an SFP solution works, you might be able to do it with an SFP enabled smart switch and any router of your choice. This will give you a lot more flexibility in choice of router.

With ATT for example, this just won't work, they use 802.1x certificate based authentication and they won't give you the certificate.

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The Ubuquiti Edgerouter X SFP:

In cases with fiber optic ISP can configure my router(ONU) remotely. In case with openWRT firmware , they can do this or not ?

No. thankfully

Thanks for answer. I just knew that they can upload their configuration file using OLT to any ONU and wanted to be sure