Support new NanoPi rockchip targets

The FriendlyElec NanoPi R4S is proving to be a performant and stable solution that can handle gigabit internet with SQM. Feature Request is for their newer R5S and R6S models which add two 2.5Gbit ports, newer Rockchip SoCs, more RAM, and eMMC. I went ahead and made a ToH page for the R6S:

  1. NanoPi R5S: Rockchip RK3568B2, include drivers for (1) 1G and (2) 2.5G ethernet over PCIe: RTL8211F-CG, RTL8125BG, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, SD card, and eMMC.

  2. NanoPi R6S: Rockchip RK3588S, include drivers for: (1) 1G and (2) 2.5G ethernet over PCIe: RTL8211F-CG, RTL8125BG, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, SD card, and eMMC.

Architecture: rockchip / armv8 / aarch64_generic

Docker: FriendlyElec's "FriendlyWrt" images come with Docker that includes a nice LuCI page, with all their CPU/RAM/Storage they run Docker images well, would be great to have this in official OpenWrt.


good job!
could you please add R5C as well ( ?

but has builds that work for these too.

FriendlyWRT aren't the best at upstreaming support for their systems and their hack job of modifying the r2s into a r2c profile afaik has never been properly upstreamed, thus why separate providers have been better to use than openwrt master.

:edit: that being said a wiki page would be good as at least info and threads can be linked on the pages like I did for the r4s page. I'll try take a look in the new year at some more wiki editing.


It was a typo - r5c not r2c :slight_smile:

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well lets hope they do a better job separating the versions than they did with the r2c. I shan't hold my breath thou.

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I have both R4S and R5S.

I've tried FriendlyWrt and I did not like it (it comes bloated with too many packages). I also tried to build FriendlyWrt and setting up the build environment was a mess (nothing compared to the clean and self-contained OpenWrt build).

So I'm using the official OpenWrt on the R4S, and with the R5S I'm using OpenWrt builds I'm doing from (clean OpenWrt, much better than FriendlyWrt).

I've already asked @mj82 (developer of the above repository) why R5S support has not yet been merged into official OpenWrt. His answer is here:

On a side note: DietPi just released a new version which is now supporting NanoPi R6S:

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From your links it seems the team is well aware of the R5S and R6S and we know what's holding back support. That said the FriendlyElec builds, they call FriendlyWrt, do well support them and it runs great.

It's also interesting they have Docker built-in with LuCI that actually works great in my testing and able to run a Unifi-Controller docker for example, OpenWrt needs this. (my WRT32X with kernel 5.15 is my main router, but been messing with the NanoPi on the side, it has 'endgame' level 2.5Gbit performance at very low power for the most part).

Anyway, I'll mark you as the solution and hopefully things will move from the Rockchip end :slight_smile:


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