Support for ZyXEL NBG6818 Armor G1?

Hi everyone! Is there any chances to see OpenWRT for NBG6818 (ZyXEL Armor G1) ?
Stock firmware is terrible...
Would be great to get some kind of workable fork from previous Zyxel model NBG6818

With huge respect to all community!

Chances for that are very, very low (Realtek 8198F/ ARMv7), for all practical purposes probably non-existent.

The Armor Z2/ NBG6817 (ipq8065) still provides better hardware and is fully supported - and the ZyXEL NBG7815 Armor G5 (ipq8074a) has a decent chance of getting supported in the future (although that isn't anywhere in reach yet either).

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Thank you for clarification.
Hope one day it will be developed despite of low chances...

Very unlikely, the SOC has zero mainline support - and even if that would be settled, the wireless drivers remain sub-par.

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