Support for ZyXEL LTE3301-M209

Hello all,
I buy ZyXEL LTE3301 4g router and try to add free ddns support to it. Like or, but there is no option for custom ddns like in OpeWRT.
I ask from ZyXEL support and they say that original sofware based on OpenWRT, but they don't give me Telnet password for router that I can try to add support for custom ddns service.
Telnet connection shows:
login as: root
passwd: ???
I think ZyXEL LTE3301 is very similar than D-Link DWR-921 C3
Waiting for OpenWRT for this hardware :wink:

What are you waiting on, exactly (OpenWrt doesn't manufacture hardware)???

  • Are you requesting that the community support it?
  • You are aware that ZyXEL would need to give you their build to make this process go faster?
  • You are aware they are required to give it to you (if requested), correct?

Here is ZyXEL's answers to my inquiry for Telnet password.

You can login with ssh or telnet as root using the admin password and configure the files for DDNS. The firmware should be based on OpenWRT. Please do not do this as it is much too easy to brick your device this way.

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I got response that Telnet here is only for debugging reasons for research development team.

Are you able to use for example no-ip instead in the drop-down list?

We do of course not provide any support and do not recommend 3rd party firmwares. From what I have seen there is not any current development from LEDE or OpenWRT on LTE3301.

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Are you asking or telling.
If asking just use the same password you use with the Web UI
login name is root
password is the same as when you use the web user interface

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WUI admin password don't work to Telnet connection, that's why ask help from ZyXEL support and they aswers as I write before "I got response that Telnet here is only for debugging reasons for research development team."
Telnet password is diffrent as WUI password and only research development team knows it and they don't give it to me?

Have you tried SSH

Yes i have and it don't work either. Gives something "Network error: Connection refused"

Let's be clear...

is this thread:

  • requesting assistance on a non-OpenWrt router?
  • a request to support the ZyXEL LTE3301-M209?

that means ssh is not available, you only have telnet available.
All I can suggest is double check your password and maybe try login name admin instead of root

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It was only inquiry if there is someone developing OpenWRT to this hardware. Because there is OpenWRT firmware 18.06.1 for D-Link DWR921 which have same chipset and integrated 4g modem.