Support for ZAPO 2600 Gaming router

im very new on this so sorry if will talk incorrect about router tech language :slight_smile:

So i bought router from aliexpress called ZAPO 2600 Gaming router.

it runs : Model: Z-2600,Adopts Top MTK7621A + MT7615N + MT7615N game chip ,Built-in 128MB RAM + 16MB Flash

and seller states on web it supports OpenWrt, i checked on wrt supported devices and could find any related to Zapo 2600
Maybe i could flash it with similar rom build for asus etc who have same spec. i want to flash in order get OpenVpn function and add my vpn provider. this router supports vpn just old protocols like pptp etc.
maybe someone could advice.

thx in advance.

Do not try flashing another device's firmware!

Do you have ssh access to the device? If so, one early thing to post to help is the output of logread about a minute after boot, as well as the output of cat /proc/mtd. If you use the </> button in the post editor it will be formatted as "code" so that people can read it much more easily.

MT7615N wlan isn't supported so far, and there is no schedule for it either (the SOC itself should be reasonably easy to get supported, but it still requires device specific porting efforts on your side).