Support for Xiaomi WiFi Router 4Q

It's nice to see xiaomi started using Qualcomm SOC
Hope there's community support for this router

Here's some details I cut from web.
The Xiaomi Router 4Q is powered by a Qualcomm QCA9561 chip, clocked at 775MHz, coupled with 64MB of memory. This chipset ensures a stable performance and more smart devices can be connected concomitantly. Xiaomi router 4Q supports the 802.11n wireless protocol, uses three high-gain omnidirectional antennas, supports 3×3 MIMO technology, and has a maximum bandwidth of 450Mbps.

It looks like a really simple QCA router.
Nothing special at all.

Nothing special at all.

~15 usd.

To be honest, I have been waiting for xiaomi router mediatek wifi to stabilize for more than a year. It's just hit or miss
I feel Qualcomm SOC is much more stable and having more seasoned developer

May be this version have nothing special but I believe xiaomi already working on it