Support for Xiaomi Router AC1200 (RB02)

hello and thank you for helping me .
python files deleted and i can't find all files like "" and is not link to them .I don't understand how actually these files install on my router .

Hello, ftp is activated by the scripts which are available on github, see the scrip link mentioned

I do everything with your help here is screenshot . where is my fault ?

Where can I download the correct openwrt version for this device?

Does anyone know how to get OEM ROM?

Hi, Cbayle,
Did you ever try Openwrt v23.05 with Luci? It doesn't appear to work for me, even it claims that it supports R4AGv2 now if I don't misunderstood.

I also built the v23.05 image with Luci. I flashed both snapshot or image with Luci (that I built). The router kept booting back into the BREED web(, what specifics you did so it works for you? Thank you!

I fixed the problem with infinite bootloop to I will post HOW2FIX, Please refer readme on

By the way, My xiaomi R4AGv2 has Gigadevice flash chip, instead of EON chip


Is this firmware working?

i used this frameware to debrick my router, but i got purple light. any suggestion?

I’ve just find out MIR 4A v2 is not flashable. Do we have any intel about this one? It’s sold 700+
Can we tell if it’s v2 and if it can be flashed with openWrt? Thanks!

EDIT: Came back here to confirm it can be flashed. I used this video
OpenWrt on Xiaomi MIR 4AV2

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hello, i'm still new with openwrt, I got Xiaomi Router AC1200 (RB02) with firmware 3.0.61.
Got access to telnet with OpenWRTInvasion from LordPinhead commit.

before flasing openwrt, there's someting i want to ask, if something goes wrong, can i debrick with miwifi_r4av2_firmware_6bdd4_2.30.500.bin which i think chinese firmware? or is there international firmware somewhere i can download?

Can we install openclash on this router?

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