Support for Xiaomi MiWiFi 3C


I gave again installed openwrt.
Can please try compiling for miwifi 3c again.
I am ready to try.

Tried but,
It doesn't worked

news? i'm waiting ...

This is padavan firmware of Xiaomi router 3C compiled by me, but it is Chinese version. Do you need English version?

padavan doesnt offer much features when it is in accesspoing mode.
can you please compile openwert for us, and for openwrt community.


The goal is to build an openwrt image for the r3c and then ask to add official support.

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ok,I will compile openwrt if I have enough time


must use router mode

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device itself is router ( router cum extender ),
we would like to use it as router and extender.

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Did you use breed web?

Have anyone compiled stable Openwrt for Mi Router 3C, please reply!

Yes, breed for nano and there is no particular firmware fir miwifi3c , so currently using miwifi nano on it.

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Waiting for your build!!!!!

Hey @wangdadan can you give me a link to the pandavan firmware, thank you.

Hello all ! I have installed OpenWrt in my Mi Router 3C, Thanks to @nbhk2016
Using OpenWRTInversion exploit, I got telnet working and then uploaded and flashed "Breed Web"

Language was set to Russian.

everything is working fine.

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Edit: There issue with wireless, wifi drops frequently.

I am using OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f
All ports working fine, no port interchanged.
But having problem with wifi.

Manual how to install open wrt

You may try another firmware such as Padavan or Keenetic