Support for Xentino R301M

Hi there folks,

I need a custom build for Xentino R301M. The chipset inside is Ralink RT3050F.

I have been building custom firmware for Tp-Link MR3020 v1 & v3 but I think Ralink RT3050F does not have official support. So I think I need to custom build it into openwrt somehow, but I don't know how. Any ideas on how should I proceed?

Thank you

Do you know if there any other supported boards using that chip?

In this list there are a couple of brands. #15-24 are all RT3050F.

Can you show the dmesg log of your device, specifically the partition setup section? This would tell us the partition sizes and names you might need to set up. Also, have a look at this code for an idea of what would need to be done.

I have the device with me. But to get dmesg I need to have shell access, which I don't have unfortunately.

Is there any other way to get dmesg logs without entering the shell?

I've checked the link, but, frankly, I understood just a little. Not much for me to proceed.

If the firmware is anything like OpenWrt it is under "Kernel Log". You won't be able to make much progress if you don't have at least shell access though. I don't have that device so I won't be able to add support for it, but we're all here on these forums and like to help. If you want to take the first step on the journey these are the relevant docs

Aah. Understood.

The current firmware is not Openwrt. It is not even any wrt, I think it is developed by the manufacturer.

I will review the docs myself, but I don't have much HW hacking expertise, so I definitely will need a couple years to accomplish it :smiley:

Well, I can provide the device :wink:

You may have noticed that there is a yellow box at the top of that page, telling you that this is an old page only for archival purposes.

Please use the page in the new wiki instead:[CPU*~]=rt3050f

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Thanks @tmomas. I'll keep this in mind :wink: