Support for unbricking EasyBox 904LTE

Hello all,

I've bricked my EasyBox 904LTE using the wrong u-boot file via serial interface.
Made a lot of research on the internet but found only u-boot files for the EasyBox 904xDSL.
Can someone help me to find the u-boot for the 904LTE?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Since you probably need a flash writer to get it there, you might as well try the xDSL one, assuming it uses the same SoC.

Don't forget to make a full backup of the current flash content first.

Read the old/ archived forum threads, yes it's long but covers all the possibilities. In short, support for the 904LTE is non-existent, support for 904xDSL difficult and needs (considerable) external patches, it may be a good time to switch to something easier and better supported.


Does anyone have an u-boot of the 904LTE that can share? At least I can bring it back to the original firmware.