Support for Ubiquiti Toughswitch 5/8 ports

I still didnt get anything they are disappointing me...

After I replied thst there is nothing device specific they simply stopped replying.
They are really messing with GPL

Just wondered if the 8 port version (TS 8 Pro) is a possibility?

Finally forced them to release the POE kmod as its GPL licensed.
I have figured some of it out, and managed to get it to run under OpenWrt for some testing.

8 port version is possible, it only has different switch but I only have 5 port version for developing.

Ok, I managed to port the original driver in which they were literally doing bitbanging manually by changing GPIO levels to most likely non upstreamable dirty driver due to this being my first driver written.
It works and exposes sysfs but needs something in userspace to reconfigure it on every boot.
@keulu You have the 8 port version?

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Hi, does you have a public source for that?

I would like to help you. My shwitch rins ona very old kernel and I would like to add some new life to it.
I have the switch 5port version to test if you need help.

BTW has been the AR76xx moved to DTS or it is still a mix between the twos?

I have not pushed the driver for POE.
I have to dig it out of my backup storage and then I will push it.

Its fully DTS as it runs on ath79 target.