Support for Ubiquiti Toughswitch 5/8 ports

Hi guys,

Anybody tried to install openwrt/lede on that switch ? I know that switch is not a wireless component, but we have routers with openwrt, AP with openWRT, and switch on Ubiquiti airOS... I want to homogenize our fleet of devices.

Is that possible ?

Hm,actually its got AR7240 and 8MB of flash with 64MB of RAM.
Also AR8327 switch,even DSA will work on it.
It would be really nice to get OpenWRT running on it.

I think I got some at work,gotta open it

DSA ? is that the Data Staging Area ?

Let me know if you need help.

Nope,its QCAs upstream driver for 8337 switch,but it also works on 8237.
It enables OpenWrt to treat each port as a separate physical one instead of using swconfig.

@keulu It looks like we deployed all of ours.
From what I was able to dig out,it looks like a simple ar7240 device.
Only thing that is really foggy now is POE controller,they have a kernel module which exposes ubnt_poe_controller as a system device which enables control of each port separately.
Now,this "controller" could simply be some GPIO extender etc.
I have requested GPL sources as UBNT likes not to post them until you ask.

Can you tear down one and take detailed pictures?
Without heatsinks from big ICs off course

74x164 controls PoE MOSFETs.
I have somewhere WIP patches for 5-port version, will look at it.

Ok,if 74x164 controlls it then it not and issue

TS 5 ports


TS 8 ports


I can try something but finding out GPIO pins and bits to which POE is connected is gonna be hard.
5 port should not be so hard to get working but I dont know about driver support for that Broadcom switch in 8 port version.

I will ask the boss if we have one more 5port laying around

I found one 5 port version in storage.
Will give it a try this night.
Weirdly they have 2 74HC595s on the board.

I will try to trace to which MOSFET which pin goes,but off course it is on the other side of the board so it will be fun

Got it booting,USB is detected fine.
AR8327 is also detected but fails since I did not pass any initvals.
Gotta figure out which ones are correct from datasheet altough I really cant find connection.

I am now struggling to get the current management port which is built into AR7242 to work.

@pepe2k You mentioned you have some WIP patches

Got the AR8327 working.
Read register values using tswconf utility.

Now,to get SSRs workign

hi @robimarko,

any news about TS5 ? maybe i can help you to do something ?

Not really,UBNT is refusing to provide GPL so to get POE working manually finding out what GPIO pins are chip select for the HC595s and then figuring out which bit coresponds to what.
Would be really easy if only UBNT would provide GPL.

Also,I cant get built in ethernet port working("Management" one)

F word...

well... that's not a good news. well thx for trying.

Still havent given up,but without GPL I really dont have time to manually try every combo.

yeah i understand that. got the same problem at work... and weekend is weekend ...

we keep in touch if you have any news. have a nice day :slight_smile:

With exams and work weekend has become a work day

Finally got GPL for it and got dissapointed.
Its just OpenWrt base they used,without any change specific to Toughswitch at all.

They really dont care about GPL licence

LOL -_-

aaaahhhhh ubiquiti <3