Support for TP-LINK RE305 V3

@Borromini btw. are you sure you have v3? because on my v3 there's pretty obvious serial pin layout on board

(sorry for the messy soldering :smiley: but you can see there the labels..) I'll include your patch in the PR, but still have to resolve that dtsi split thing..

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The label on the box clearly says V3, yes. And on the back of the device as well. Thanks for the pic.

@Aabayoumy You need an image with the adapted code for it to work. Like I explained simply renaming it won't work.

& do you have there serial labels like on mine? (btw. you don't have to dissasemble too much - just the "front" cover)
but it's good news that it works also with oem update, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Yes, I do, with TX / RX / 3V3 / GND labels. I initially glossed over them since your commit message read as if it was readily accessible. Sorry for the confusion.

Would you mind mentioning that in the commit message? E.g. something like:

Serial is exposed to the right side of the main board (in the middle) and marked with TX/RX/3V3/GND, but the holes are filled with solder.

I can lend a hand with the DTS/DTSI split in the days to come, can't promise when exactly.

yy I can add it there. but I think it would be even better if we'd add it to wiki (even for v1 there's not a lot of non-generic info, even the photo is some default router..)
I will make some "proposal" with dtsi (probably today), but I don't know if I can split it properly because of that different partition layout.. you can help me probably with it then..

It sure would. I can upload the pics I have, they're a bit fuzzy though (mediocre smartphone camera).

It's a good idea to include pointers about the serial to the git commit since that will be saved in the commit log; the wiki might still get edited (or treated poorly, like the article for the RE305 is right now).

I'll let you know when I whipped up something for the DTSI.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your efforts.
I've tried to compile/build this RE305 V3 image with the .soft_ver set to 2.0.0 in a Debian VM but unfortunately it failed.


There's a syntax error in your DTS as it says. If it's the PR you used then it's probably in the PR as well. Can you share the first 20 lines of the DTS?

Thanks for your answer.

Here is the first 20 lines of the DTS :

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later OR MIT

#include "mt7628an_tplink_re305.dtsi"

/ {
	compatible = "tplink,re305-v1", "tplink,re305", "mediatek,mt7628an-soc";
	model = "TP-Link RE305 v1";

&spi0 {
	status = "okay";

	flash@0 {
		compatible = "jedec,spi-nor";
		reg = <0>;
		spi-max-frequency = <50000000>;

		partitions {
			compatible = "fixed-partitions";
			#address-cells = <1>;
			#size-cells = <1>;

(I think he forgot to properly close a brace)
(path : /openwrt/target/linux/ramips/dts/mt7628an_tplink_re305-v1.dts)

Here are the links to both files in github :

UPDATE : I finally manager to successfully compile this image. @servitkar forgot to close a curly brace in both files when he did a refactoring.

Here is the workaround on both file (v1 and v3):

/ {
	compatible = "tplink,re305-v3", "tplink,re305", "mediatek,mt7628an-soc";
	model = "TP-Link RE305 v3";

Update 2 : Successfully flashed my RE305v3 via OEM upgrade. I'm currently testing now.


That's funny. He asked for help with splitting out the DTSes and I literally pasted the DTSes for him to integrate into his PR (and those DTSes do contain the missing curly brackets).

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After some tests (and countless hard reset :joy_cat:), it seems that it's working like a charm on this RE-305v3.

Advice to newbie like me : don't forget to add LuCi when compiling your image ;).

I will try to write a review on the PR once he will fix the missing brackets.

Thanks to your efforts @Borromini @servitkar !

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I have added a remark to the PR linking back to your post.

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sry about that guys. I've pushed changes there, but I haven't time to test it (I could at least run build though..). I will fix that in the evening.
PS @Borromini sry, but I hate copy paste.. I had to change there some things too..

Let's hope someone gets the time to look at your PR. Please specify what you changed in the PR, all I did was split stuff out for the DTSI.

Tp link ships the re305 v3 in India but it doesn't detect band 149(firmware limitation) on 5ghz(which is hard coded in my isp's router). I am an average Joe, I don't know how to program or compile images. I see that some of you have had success with flashing the image using the webgui of the re305 v3. I would be thankful if you guys can share an image with luci for it so that others like me can free their devices too @bmed @Borromini

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Following. Will be very glad to see this image become snapshot install ready :slight_smile:

@bmed any hiccups to report, or is it still running well? If so, are you able to share a working image we could flash with the OEM web UI?

starting from the pending PR previously described I simply compiled the latest OpenWrt with Luci integrated.

Yesterday I installed it via OEM Update GUI and perfectly worked (simply applying the factory bin in the firmware update gui coming from a RE305(EU)_V3_200826). Still no warranty is given.
And as stated before if you want to try do it but at your own risk! (& be ready to "repair" with serial port)

My GDrive

Please pay attention MD5Sum is matching once you download and before applying it :wink:

Many thanks @Borromini @bmed @servitkar and all who gave this huge contribution.


Hello, after a long period of tests, I can confirm OpenWRT is working like a charm on RE305 V3.
Thanks to @strollo for sharing his compiled installer.

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Hi! I too can confirm that OpenWRT is working pretty well on my RE305 v3 after using it for a few days with no visible problems.
Thanks a lot for all the work.

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