Support for TP-Link RE190 v5 (AC750 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi Range Extender)

Recently bought this wifi repeater but its missing a key feature i was using on a previous device that i sold to buy a new one but unfortunatly its missing the feature that allows you to repeat a wifi without a password and its annoying me cuz my familly cant remember the wifi password so with the old one i would just put it and repeat it with different ssid and not put any password but here im lock is there any way openwrt could do anything about it its litteraly the same as the RE200 from the outside and probably the inside too but i tryed the custom imgs and they dont work on it if i could get any help please.

Post-its FTW

im maybe to old or too dumb to understand what you said but

here you can see i can put the wifi without a password and this was on RE200 v2

In which way is the question OpenWRT related?
And yes, when you choose "no security", there is really no need to enter a password :>