Support for TP-Link BE900

Thanks. Looks like root account is disabled while admin is enabled. Need to find hash dictionary to decode the password. Hope we are lucky. Would you also help to reboot the device to double check if the hash of admin account is changed every time when router boots up?

I will also put myself into this. I changed the root password, I know that everytime I did reboot it was replaced again, saw that with more files. Mine is now not reachable, but that was cause of last test I did, will fix tonight. I copied after setting password of root /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow to /tmp/etc. Will go testing on this further on, maybe I've to copy more like /etc/group or something. Or maybe I've to do same approch as Asuswrt, just plugin a USB flash and see what I can do there.
But I think this one will be supported by OpenWRT soon :slight_smile:

if soon = 1+ year, then you're correct.

You never know, be positive

But ok, my Chinese doesn't go further then ordering food:

QSDK image 仓库-CSDN博客

Qsdk_build_image/qca-networking-2022-spf-12-2/IPQ9574/cs/premium_32bit/bin at main · Hanszhang2023/Qsdk_build_image · GitHub

I'm no programmer, but I see something in build
GitHub - kimocoder/QSDK-IPQ: Qualcomm QSDK for IPQ devices

I'd rather be realistic.

Great, have fun with those builds, please don't come back reporting "openwrt bugs" based on that QSDK.

What I said I'm no programmer :frowning:

Can you issue below commands and then reboot to check if you still need root password to login? If we are lucky, we don't need password again.

echo sed -i "s/root:.*/root::0:0:99999:7:::/g" /etc/shadow > /etc/rc.local
echo exit 0 >> /etc/rc.local

Nahhhh, what you see it offers not to re-type password

Will this help
root@Archer_BE800:/etc/config# cat dropbear

config dropbear 'dropbear'
option RootPasswordAuth 'on'
option Port '20001'
option DisableIpv6 'on'
option SysAccountLogin 'off'
option PasswordAuth 'on'

The reason why I went to this TP-Link BE800, cause I tested on x86 Openwrt and my speeds with Ookla Speedtest were terrible slow. My setup was Openwrt only as a router without WiFi with 2.5G ethernet adapters, so I still used my Asus RT-AX86U as a WiFi accesspoint, my speed went to half the speed of my speed when having the Asus as Router with WiFi access.
Also I liked the BE800, cause I can use it directly with a SFP module for the provider I will get with fiber.
I tried about everything with OpenWRT x86, but never got the speed.

getting OT in this thread
depends on your internet speed I guess, no x86 CPU made during the last decade should have issues routing at 1gbit.

if those where from Realtek, there was a bug effectively capping them at < 100mbit.

the Dell Edge 620, $70 used, on eBay, comes with two SFP+ cages...

the ipq9574 is already supported by upstream ( ; QCA also has 6.6 support already. So, I don't see a huge effort although must say on the region of 12months based on the experience with the ipq807x ... I also understand (tbc) that the the 2.5G and 10G on some of the TP-link devices are based on Realtek which may cause some problems.

At the moment really are the prices stopping any dev investment of their $ and time ... the BE550 is now being sold on amazon for about $300 ...

That is very much on the optimistic side, mainline support for ipq905x/ ipq907x is less than basic, no network support, no NAND, no nothing (and maaaany other missing rather essential pieces).

QSDK isn't that relevant either.

Yep, Realtek and I did test I think month ago, but I'm also checking on other desktop.
I've now a Lenovo Tiny desktop, so could only test with USB 3.2 Gen1 2.5G Ethernet.