Support for TP Link AX23V(JP)

I can't install following image to AX23V(JP):
I've tried to install from WebGUI.
Advanced > System > Firmware Update
I clicked BROWSE button, selected image file, clicked UPDATE button.
Progress bar stuck at 0%. Nothing happend.
15 mins later, I unpluged and pluged power cable for reboot.
The device booted with OEM firmware.

Firmware Version:
1.0.1 Build 20230711 Rel. 36092(4A50)
Hardware Version:
Archer AX23V v1.0

Hi, I see the ax23v is a completely different shell to the ax23.
Can you confirm it is the same internally?

It is not the same internally, but uses the same construction and same chipset.
I have attached a photo of the dismantled board.

MT7621DAT SoC, MT7905DAN + MT7975DN Radio
Edit: Didn't realize forum would compress the image. Here is a full-resolution link:

My AX23V(JP) is almost working well on 23.05 SNAPSHOT with pathched firmware-utils.
I have awared an issue with port numbers being reversed. The WAN port of the case is mapped to LAN-1, and the LAN-4 of the case is mapped to the WAN port.
I have not been resolve it but it has no practical problem when in use.

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