Support for TP-Link Archer C6 V3.2?

I bought an Archer C6 V3.2, because it supposedly had OpenVPN.... It doesn't!
It has an option to creat an OpenVPN server you can connect to, instead.
I saw that there is support for the Archer C6 V2, can I install that version on my model? How easy/hard would be to add support to the Archer C6 V3? Could it be done without needing to open it?

Archer C6 v2 is a different router.
C6 v2 is a Qualcon router and C6 v3.2 is a MT7621 SoC.
The Archer A6 v3 is the same as C6 v3/v3.2.
The discussion for this router is in another thread:

Support for A6 v3 is almost done

your C6 v3.2 likely has a different "special_id"
that's the only thing one would need to add support for it after A6 v3