Support for TP-Link Archer C54 v1

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Folks at TP-Link have released a new model recently, C54, specifications for which can be found here:

I couldn't find any information on the amount of Flash/RAM the router has except for one website, , which states that the router allegedly has 64 MB of RAM, so I presume that Flash may have 8 MB in this case.

The question is, can this specific device be supported by OpenWrt, and if so, by which time (rough approximation, e.g. Q3 of 2021, etc.) it will be developed?


The OEM firmware image is 2.1 MB in size, which suggests 4 MB flash and probably non-linux for the OEM firmware. The remaining technical specifications don't win any beauty pageants either, nor does its price - just skip this $thing and get something decent.

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Anyone ever figured out how much flash storage this thing has? Closest I can get is info from fccid here: But can't see the flash chip clearly to make out any details.

Could be an interesting router to add support for if it has 8MB of flash. suggest 4/16 and VxWorks, which would be in line with my comments about the OEM firmware size above.

tl;dr: a hard no-go.

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