Support for Telstra/Belong Sagemcom F@ST 4353

I would like to see OpenWrt for the Sagemcom F@st series.
(These were sent out to households in Australia via Telstra & Belong ISP's)

I have Sagemcom F@st 4353, and the xmo-client console commands have gotten me root access via SSH.

The main reason for a firmware update is to update SMB v.1 with a more modern version of Samba & to gain more control over features such as networking, file sharing, security, DNS; as well as user authentication via the GUI.

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

There is a whirlpool thread here @

There is also this guide on uploading firmware to the device. (Written in Portuguese, can be translated)

Please also see my thread on Whirlpool for further information. Sagemcom F@st 4353

User Manual
rtaImage (Very Similar to 5355)