Support for new model TP-Link RE650 V2


I have realized that the the support page mentions a newer model v2 of the RE650.
Has this been spotted in the wild already?

While looking into the provided the TP-Link RE650v2 GPL source code I realized that it contains the OpenWRT build system?
Has TP-Link now based their stock firmware on OpenWRT?

The included config fie mentions this line:

What support page are you talking about? All I find in the wiki are pages for the v1, and the device page for that version doesn't mention anything about a v2 (ctrl+F doesn't yield anything nor does a cursory read).

A lot of vendor SDKs are based on (often older) OpenWrt versions. Newer Mediatek ones however seem to be closer to upstream OpenWrt. So there's nothing unusual about it (nor about the lack of giving back either, unfortunately).

Wikidevi doesn't have a 2.x entry either.

Sorry, my mistake.

I meant this page:
Tomorrow I will receive my RE650. Let's see what version it will be.

Hi there, any update on the v2? I was planning on getting this device but have no idea of v1 or v2 until bought.

Is anyone tried to flash image for v1 on v2 hardware?

I am a total OpenWRT newbie but it seems like v2 firware has some similarities with OpenWRT...

After unpacking the firmware

squashfs-root/$ cat etc/openwrt_version 

squashfs-root/$ cat etc/opkg.conf 
src/gz attitude_adjustment
dest root /
dest ram /tmp
lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists
option overlay_root /overlay

Also has the kernel config in there...


So that looks like the same hardware

Pretty much all router like devices, are based on openwrt or LEDE.

if you disassemble any router/etc fw, you'll discover openwrt/LEDE inside.

doesn't unfortunately automagically mean it will/can be supported, even though MT7621 is a supported SoC.

I think, RE650 V2 is the same as V1 but has only 8 MB of flash. So don't try to install firmware of V1. Also I think, RE655 ist the same as RE650 V2.

RE650 V2 has 8MB of flash, I've been able to dump the flash through serial, and here is the partition table found in there

partition fs-uboot base 0x00000 size 0x20000
partition os-image base 0x20000 size 0x330000
partition file-system base 0x350000 size 0x470000
partition partition-table base 0x7c0000 size 0x02000
partition default-mac base 0x7c2000 size 0x00020
partition pin base 0x7c2100 size 0x00020
partition product-info base 0x7c3100 size 0x01000
partition soft-version base 0x7c4200 size 0x01000
partition support-list base 0x7c5200 size 0x01000
partition profile base 0x7c6200 size 0x08000
partition config-info base 0x7ce200 size 0x00400
partition user-config base 0x7d0000 size 0x10000
partition default-config base 0x7e0000 size 0x10000
partition radio base 0x7f0000 size 0x10000

I'm trying to build 21.02 branch of OpenWrt with default .config found in 21.02 ramips, however, I'm failing to fit it into the space between0x20000 and 0x7e0000, can't get factory / sysupgrade images to build into that size.

EDIT: My bad, forgot to fill out the details in tplink-safeloader.c, so the image was not building correctly for OEM update. I just fixed that mistake and I'll be testing the OpenWRT on RE650 V2

I've got a full build up and running with OEM installation method. OpenWRT Is fully working on it! I'll try to contribute a patch soon.

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I jinxed it.
Wifi power is really bad on the openwrt in comparison to original firmware. I set the power to the maximum for 2,4G and 5G, yet I'm only able to make connection when I put my phone really close to the extender. No amount of changing the settings inside the openwrt fix it. My only last idea is to build from v21.02.2 tag instead of openwrt-21.02 branch, and see whether there has been any regression.

I'm also unable to fit master into the 8MB flash :confused:

See changes to make it work on 21.02 branch here: for anyone curious / wanting to build their own build

I have no other ideas on how to fix the wifi strength however, so I'd not recommend installing OpenWRT unless you know how to fix it

I seem to have fixed the issue described above - PCIE0 and PCIE1 definitions are different on the V2 than they were on V1, hence I was trying to use 2,4ghz chip for 5ghz and vice versa. I replaced the order of them and it seems it started to work just fine - I get full speed and range on RE650 v2!

@nicarim I noticed that youhave added v2 information to the v1 devicepage.
Since the devicepage is intended for v1 only, please create a new devicepage for v2 (as there is already a patch available, you can use the "supported" template). Thanks!

Yeah, sorry, was not sure about the order in which I should add the info vs waiting for the patch to be approved. I will change that.
EDIT: Actually - should it be a different device page or should just V2 be added to the v1 page and v1 could be dropped from the title? I was talking on IRC with PaulFertser before and he mentioned that it could be just merged instead? WDYT?

One devicepage - one device, i.e. v1 on the page for v1, v2 on a new page for v2.

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I've restored v1 to the original version from before my changes, and moved the content over to the new devicepage:


In order for the datatables on the v2 devicepage to display something useful, you need to create a dataentry too.

I added the dataentry for the device, as per request.

I also backported the changes to 21.02.2 git tag locally, turns out 5ghz wifi is much faster on 21.02 than on the latest master (difference being in the range of 40Mb/s vs 400Mb/s, so almost 10x more). If changes get merged to master, I think it would be beneficial to backport it to 21.02 as well.

I'll see 22.03 just to make sure it wasn't just master being at fault here.

I've just changed device's supported version to snapshot as patches have been merged into master. Links to snapshots are now in the wiki. (I've tested the snapshot version and it boots and works for me)
That being said, it's still better to use 21.02 version of the release than the snapshots, as they're much slower in terms of wifi speed. It needs to be backported to 21.02 to be available, but it's fairly easy to build the image yourself from the patches that I submitted for master.

i dont know if i am doing something wrong but i cannot create an image with the provided imagebuilder.
i stops with the error:

 * pkg_hash_check_unresolved: cannot find dependency libwolfssl5.3.0.ee39414e for libustream-wolfssl20201210
 * pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: Packages for libustream-wolfssl found, but incompatible with the architectures configured
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package libustream-wolfssl.
 * pkg_hash_check_unresolved: cannot find dependency libwolfssl5.3.0.ee39414e for wpad-basic-wolfssl
 * pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: Packages for wpad-basic-wolfssl found, but incompatible with the architectures configured
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package wpad-basic-wolfssl.

is this a a bug? i could not find it on github-issues. am i doing somethting wrong? i try to build a bare minimum image with make image PROFILE="tplink_re650-v2" from the today openwrt-imagebuilder-ramips-mt7621.Linux-x86_64