Support for new Archer c5 v4

Thank you very much will see if it works when i get home

can you maybe sent another download link that link just keep asking me to sign up and i dont really want to pay 5 euro

New link:

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Thank you for making a new version available, I'm using your build and it works 100% on the BR version of this router

A little note: Since there are problems with the performance of 2.4GHz WiFi for Mediatek MT7620, disable 802.11w Management Frame Protection in Wireless Security.

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Can someone tell me how to install the WireGuard client on this assembly? opkg install wireguard-tools says that it is incompatible. Do I need to compile the firmware with the WireGuard client enabled from the source code?

You may tray: opkg install wireguard-tools --force-depends
but it may hang the router. It is better to compile the missing wireguard-tools by selecting it in the compilation menu.

Hello @mietekn, sorry but since my last post in November I had 2 surgeries and I've been in recovery since, I'm now back on the rodeo. Do you know if there has been any news with my chipset? I remember I tried removing the heat sink without luck, it's well glued to it, any useful information on how to do it?


Absolutely nothing has changed in this respect. I couldn't find information anywhere about your chipset version.

You can give a shot adding the chipset id to the list of supported versions.

Compile the firmware. After that, edit build_bir/targetramips/linux*/linux*/drivers/net/dsa/rtl8365mb.c adding a new record in const rtl8365mb_chip_infos for your device. Chip id and ver you have from your log messgas you posted before. Compile the kernel (make target/linux/compile), and copy the *.ko files from the same dir you editted to router's /tmp. Unload the router mod (rmmod ...) and load the new ones (insmod /tmp/...).

If you arebusing the branch that modifies rtl8367b, change rtl8367b_detect to add your chipip/ver in build_bir/targetramips/linux*/linux*/drivers/net/phy/rtl8367b.c. Foll9w the same build/copy *.ko... instructions.

if your new chip is compatible, it will work.

The chip you are looking for is marked as rtl8367d family (RTL8367RB-VC or RTL8367S-VB or RTL8367SC).
I found the GNU sources for it on the TP-Link website:
Some info also on

It remains only to find a developer who has a router with this chipset, skills and willingness :smiley:

@luizluca @mietekn
All right I'll take a look and see what I can do, thanks.

Btw @mietekn the source code link you provided doesn't work.

It works in their country.
TP-Link loves doing this to its customers.

Rtl8367b, rtl8367c, rtl8367d (new to me) are not chip numbers but family/driver version. At least between b and c, it is mostly compatible. I guess chips compatible with d might work with a little effort.

Open new tab in web explorer, paste link, press enter.

Unfortunately, it is still geoblocked in the U.S..


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In tplink code (rtl8367s_api.c) two interesting places:

	int rtl8367_port0_status_reg = (CHIP_RTL8367D == g_switch_chip) ? RTL8367D_REG_PORT0_STATUS :RTL8367C_REG_PORT0_STATUS;


	if(CHIP_RTL8367D == g_switch_chip)
		/* RTL8367D_REG_EXT1_RGMXF */
		RT_MAPPER->smi_write(0x1307, 0xc);
		RT_MAPPER->smi_write(0x13c5, 0xc);

IIUC it explain that we don't see correct port status (different port status regs for rtl8367d) and no traffic in mt7620 switch port (rtl8367d is connected to mt7620 internal switch through port6 of rtl8367d).

The current patch for rtl8367c support can be found here: and
Complete patch for Archer C5 v4: and
This code can be the basis for adding rtl8367d.