Support for new Archer c5 v4

Hello community,
I would like to know if the new TpLink Archer C5 V4 is going to be supported in newer builds of Lede Reboot.
For Reference:
It has MediaTek MT7620A.There is plenty of similar routers with this chipset.
Thanks in advance for the assistance.


hello, and where to find the original firmware for this router? it is very similar to the archer c2 in terms of performance

Archer C5 v4 is currently not supported by OpenWrt. No firmware to download.

I understand this router only for the Internet providers? This is true ?

Hello, and thanks for the answers.
Yes for now there is no available stock firmware for download.Maybe in the feature Tp-link is going to release some updates.
No this router is not only for ISP.In the eastern europe (Bulgaria),we can buy this router from stores.
For example product page ftom Tp-link BG -

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I was talking about no OpenWrt firmware to download.

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I've sysupgraded my 1043ND to 18.06 and that bricked it really bad.
Anyway, it is almost 10pm on Saturday evening - there is only one hardware store still opened.

TP-Link Archer C5 was the only one with gigabit ports. I've Googled it on my phone and spotted a few lines in the supported hardware section, so I've bought it with confidence. Half an hour later I am looking for the appropriate image to flash. Now I know its version 4, so still looking.

Any plans? May I help?

i have flash dump and original boot log for new archer
I make firmware for webflash and the router is loaded. but No switch is initialized (

openwrt bootlog

Hi leks.
I believe the switch is RTL8367S.
The same switch is probably used in Banana Pi R64, so I hope there is a way to reuse code from that device?
I've also found a discussion on WDR7500v6, which shares the same switch numbers. Patches may be found at the end of [LEDE-DEV] ar71xx: add support for TP-Link TL-WDR7500v6

Pcb photo, 12line conect 8637 to mt7620a

I see this patch, but how add this switch to my dts i don’t know

to original firmware
login to uart: admin
password to uart :1234

Just hoping for any good news regarding fw progress please ... is there any?
(Got two of those new V4 models today which was obviously not mentioned by the shop so was quite unpleasant surprise :frowning: rather not send them back)

Thanks in advance!


As far as I know this model is not yet supported - but I hope am wrong. According to this other thread some progress was made.

Does anyone know if v4 will be supported and by when in terms of release cycle? Not expecting to be ready my next Monday of course just wondering if worth to keep my newly ordered stuff (which was a surprise to me as thought v2 will come) or better send back as very-very far to never is the timeline.

Thanks for any hint!

Could you please share your flash dump?

Well its Russian.. Is there a language setting?

I asked TP-Link support team about the firmware, and here's what they replied

Thank you very much for requesting information about our product.
If the language is Russian which means it's Russian version. Besides, this product is a Service Provider Product. About the firmware, please contact with your service provider.

So this model is ISP's customized router and not for retail sale?
@grrr2 Do you have English version? If yes, could you please dump your firmware?

Sorry i cannot help as sent back devices and replaced with something different.