Support for Netgear Orbi SXK80

Are those the files that were used to produce the .ipq8074 files? I don’t think I’ve seen those *-reg.bin files on their own (which might be the issue). Any pointers on where to look or how to use them would be great.

As a quick test, I’ve just built the SXR code using a board-netgear_sxr80.ipq8074 that was copied from board-netgear_sxs80.ipq8074 (originally from your repo) but with the header changed from SXS to SXR in a hex editor. That did appear to work, with no warning shown on boot or switching the region. Haven't had a chance to check if the wireless side is all working yet though.

Those are the ipq8074 files. Maybe just one of the files is the correct one.

These are the sha256 for the two ipq8074 files that were used for the builds:

806acb316d038a72fa212c82d8dd402506629ecc2dbafaf9f7616dad1b43e59e  package/firmware/ipq-wifi/board-netgear_sxr80.ipq8074
0d6b15fdc5b994d36756ffe6a224016917b585b7dbc6004b4ea914e8d337055f  package/firmware/ipq-wifi/board-netgear_sxs80.ipq8074

Does that correspond to the latest version?

Oh I forgot, those files are packed/assembled with some kind of command. It's been a long time since I've done all this...

Ah that sounds like the ath11k-bdencoder script?

Exactly! So if you decode it again the checksums from above should be reproduced.