Support for NanoPi M4 / Neo4



I wanted to ask you if it was planed to support friendlyarm's NanoPi M4 / Neo4, in the near future???

Both have good CPU performances (2x A72 + 4x A53), USB 3 and 2 PCIe v1 lane and up to 4GB Ram, I would really appreciate using it when en USB 3.0 LTE modem.

(Actually, the hardware is even more interesting than an Turris Mox, which is compatible Openwrt )

Does anyone has a compatible built for it?

Thank you


Looks like the Neo series has been discussed (or at least similar boards) recently though the specific board isn't listed as supported at[Model*~]=Nano&dataflt[Brand*~]=FriendlyElec



Let's try with a Neo or Neo2 first. The compatible image is already available but I need to compile it myself to add rooter. But I don't really know how to do it.

Within the menuconfig, I can't see any target system/sub target compatible with an Allwinner H3/H5 (Neo and Neo2).
Same for the NanoPi M4 and it's RK3399 Soc (A72 & A53).
I read this on the forum:

The aarch64_armv8-a package is available here:

Should I add it to the openwrt source files before launching the menuconfig???

Thank you!

OK it seems to work well on a NanoPi Neo. But how do they build the image to make it compatible????

Oh ok, it's in the "Target profile".


Looks like you are figuring thing out and making progress.

I don't know if you seen it, but may be helpful with some of the challenges of an unfamiliar build system.




"Please re-run with -j1 V=s"

make V=s

(copy-paste of the terminal output is preferred, using the </> button for preformatted rendering)


Will let it run overnight, thank you.

Sorry for the screenshot, but although I installed open-vm-tools, the copy-past from/to the VM doesn't work yet (Have to take a look at it tomorrow)


Well, I got rid of most of the compiling errors, except one, that is related to rOOter:

* satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for ext-rooter-basic:
*     luci-proto-3g
*     luci
*     luci-theme-boostrap
* opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package ext-rooter-basic.

In the menuconfig I can only find a "luci-theme-darkmatter" but no "luci-theme-boostrap"
The "luci-proto-3x" is checked (mandatory) in the rooter config sub-menu.


Well, just disabled the ext-rooter-basic. Hope I won't need it to make the USB LTE modem to work.

I forgot to update and install the feeds...
Have to start over again...

ok seems to work :slight_smile:


Well, back to the original question.
I don't have the necessary knowledge, but would it take a lot of work/time to make openWRT to support a NanoPi M4/Neo4 (Actually I need that board because of the USB 3 and PCIe port)?

I don't mind to pay a little bit for it.