Support for NanoPi M4 / Neo4


I wanted to ask you if it was planed to support friendlyarm's NanoPi M4 / Neo4, in the near future???

Both have good CPU performances (2x A72 + 4x A53), USB 3 and 2 PCIe v1 lane and up to 4GB Ram, I would really appreciate using it when en USB 3.0 LTE modem.

(Actually, the hardware is even more interesting than an Turris Mox, which is compatible Openwrt )

Does anyone has a compatible built for it?

Thank you

Looks like the Neo series has been discussed (or at least similar boards) recently though the specific board isn't listed as supported at[Model*~]=Nano&dataflt[Brand*~]=FriendlyElec


Let's try with a Neo or Neo2 first. The compatible image is already available but I need to compile it myself to add rooter. But I don't really know how to do it.

Within the menuconfig, I can't see any target system/sub target compatible with an Allwinner H3/H5 (Neo and Neo2).
Same for the NanoPi M4 and it's RK3399 Soc (A72 & A53).
I read this on the forum:

The aarch64_armv8-a package is available here:

Should I add it to the openwrt source files before launching the menuconfig???

Thank you!

OK it seems to work well on a NanoPi Neo. But how do they build the image to make it compatible????

Oh ok, it's in the "Target profile".

Looks like you are figuring thing out and making progress.

I don't know if you seen it, but may be helpful with some of the challenges of an unfamiliar build system.


"Please re-run with -j1 V=s"

make V=s

(copy-paste of the terminal output is preferred, using the </> button for preformatted rendering)

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Will let it run overnight, thank you.

Sorry for the screenshot, but although I installed open-vm-tools, the copy-past from/to the VM doesn't work yet (Have to take a look at it tomorrow)

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Well, I got rid of most of the compiling errors, except one, that is related to rOOter:

* satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for ext-rooter-basic:
*     luci-proto-3g
*     luci
*     luci-theme-boostrap
* opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package ext-rooter-basic.

In the menuconfig I can only find a "luci-theme-darkmatter" but no "luci-theme-boostrap"
The "luci-proto-3x" is checked (mandatory) in the rooter config sub-menu.


Well, just disabled the ext-rooter-basic. Hope I won't need it to make the USB LTE modem to work.

I forgot to update and install the feeds...
Have to start over again...

ok seems to work :slight_smile:

Well, back to the original question.
I don't have the necessary knowledge, but would it take a lot of work/time to make openWRT to support a NanoPi M4/Neo4 (Actually I need that board because of the USB 3 and PCIe port)?

I don't mind to pay a little bit for it.

Not sure if you're still interested in this, but I managed to patch support for the M4 and generate a snapshot based image that boots on my board if you are. Currently working on the pull request to get the patch incorporated into the main project.

Is there nano pi m4 openwrt firmware, how can I make one for use