Support for more frequency bands. Is this possible?

I have a TP-Link Archer MR200 v1 LTE Modem, that seems supported by OpenWrt here.
They mentioned in the documentations that my device only support 2500 e.g. that can be used for LTE connections.

The service provider told me to use TD-LTE services, your modem must support 3500 MHz frequency. Is this possible to force my device to use 3500 MHz frequency band (B42)? So I can use TD-LTE service.

The LTE modem is a separate card inside the router. It has its own CPU and closed-source operating system. The radio hardware of the card is designed for certain bands. Changing the band coverage will require replacing the card.

Also the supplied antennas may not work very well at 3500 compared to 2500 MHz. So you're probably better off buying a complete unit that has the band you need.


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