Support for Mercusys MR50G

I am a fan and have had the privilege of using openwrt on my Linksys router before. Just curious if there will ever be support to Mercusys devices. I own a Mercusys MR50G Dual band router ( and would love to have openwrt on the same. I'm not technically knowledgeable to develop one on my own.

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Device support doesn't materialize out of thin air, it's contributed by users working on their device to get it supported. There are no centralized plans to support any device at all, either it happens - or it doesn't, you won't know until it's ready.

That said, a 2.6 MB OEM firmware update isn't promising at all, as it strongly implies two things:

  • flash probably only 4 MB (below minimum system requirements for OpenWrt)
    • RAM probably equally small
  • that much below 4 MB usually also implies that the OEM firmware isn't linux based in the first place (even with the typically ancient kernels/ userspace, 4 MB would be rather tight, so one would expect at (the very) least 3.4-3.6 MB firmware images for linux)

So chances for OpenWrt support are less than low.


i got that router too and i have it sitting because i wanted to use it as an adapter but there is no option for it .you make mistakes you learn ,anyway i would also like a stripped build for it all i care is be able to use it as an adapter (receive) i dont care for vpn firewalls schedules startup switch led hostnames static etc could something like this maybe fit?i lack the skills to figure something on my own

Don't bother, as already said, a 4mb flash would barely fit a very basic, stripped down, openwrt version.

but thats what i want ,to use it as an adapter i dont care for the rest settings or whatever