Support for Meraki MR26


So I have this MR26 that is about to lose its licence. I have checked your hardware table and you do not have this device listed as supported.

Is there anyway I can get this device working with OpenWrt?

You'll need to do a lot of work to get this one going, I do hope you can help yourself or find someone that's interested in the device. I can tell you some things that might interesting to you though.

  1. From what I can see from the MR26 spec sheet it uses dual BCM4360 chips. So the biggest issue probably is that neither the 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz Wi-Fi will work with any of the current freely available drivers in OpenWrt.

  2. The internal name for the MR26 is "venom".

  3. The Meraki MR26 is "related" to the MR32 (espresso). Meraki made a "combo" FIT image for both and they share the same kernel and rootfs image. But each device uses a different DeviceTree definition. So you can't just flash the MR32's image in 6. and expect it to work. It will not.

  4. you can find the GPL kernel source on github in @riptidewave93 meraki-linux repository

  5. The MR26/Venom's dts

  6. The SoC in the MR26 is supported by OpenWrt's bcm53xx target

  7. I put a semi-working patch for the MR32 online

    The main patch: contains flashing info for the r23 version of the MR32. The procedure might be very similar to that of the MR26. But then again, this can also backfire and permanently brick/lock the device. (Especially, because Meraki might have closed down the firmware update mechanism in the later firmwares).

I would suggest, you wait until your license finally runs out and you have nothing left to lose.

Hi, Has there been any process with running OpenWrt on the Meraki MR26?

MR26 is supported since quite a while now, see;a=commit;h=e37ba80633c30ff179df92e8826ba52ff00b2a66

Please open a new topic for any questions regarding installation etc.

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