Support for lcurses or other curses in Lua

I would like to develop text based user interfaces for the OpenWRT ash
therefore I have to use lua and curses for that purpose,
I have to mention that my OpenWRT device does not have enough flash
for installing other language or compile C the code on my OpenWRT device.(flash size is very limited)

First I want to know if any has developed curses based app in Lua for OpenWRT just by instaling a relevant OpenWRT opkg, such as luaposix or not?

If there is no easy solution for that and in a case if I have to use or install luarocks for that purpose I would like to get a simple tutorial on how to cross-compile lcurses and make ipkg out of it,and then install or transfer it to the device

Any help on this issue is really appreciated.

You're not even supposed to be developing anything on the OpenWrt-device itself. You'd typically use OpenWrt's SDK or e.g. install OpenWrt in a VM and do your thing there and only transfer the final product to the actual hardware-device.

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Aside from that, I wouldn't invest too much into lua for new developments anymore. luci is slowly migrating away from lua, towards client side javascript, and once that rdependency is gone, there'd be little need to keep lua support at all.

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