Support for Huawei AX3 Pro

Huawei support said me this "Huawei AX3 Pro comes with Quad-core 1.4 GHz CPU and two high-power independent signal amplifiers at 2.4 GHz and two medium-power independent signal amplifiers at 5 GHz"

First you should try to get the firmware of the Brazilan and the enhanced version. quad core and four amplifiers is the most powerful there is, maybe there are differences in the C specification (c500, c506). this is nonsense. if the CE version only has more languages, every improvement makes sense. or there are regional updates that are only relevant. it is. There are however hi1152 or SKY85333-11 chip

only the downgrade visit is correct - only China Version

You know what is about ver. ??

if you need the complet desaster

For WS7200-20 only AX3 Pro Quad Core in CN Version

china version can set network for malaysia?

Hi All. After purchasing three AX3 Pro QuadCore to use as access points, I feel really disappointed by Huawei lack of support.

I purchased the model WS7200-30, announced as a "Brazilian Version" (where I live) but I understand this model is being sold across multiple countries in Americas (including Canada).

However Huawei is not updating the firmware of this device. Theses routers have only a "check for updates" that always return "you are already using the latest version" and there is no webpage from where the firmware can be downloaded.

To make things worse, a Huawei representative responded to another Brazilian user in the official forum that the user should contact the dealer for firmware updates (?!?!?!).

This device in terms of hardware and features is not bad (considering the low cost), but the support is terrible. Since this router will never see OpenWrt running on it, and the support for the original firmware is non-existent, then I strongly do not recommend it to any one.

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Olá amigo fiz isso e sentir uma melhoria grande está mais fluente mais solto com a att que estava nele final xxx 24 parceria que estava agarrando algo agora está rápido o meu e ax3p vg

Google translate FTW.

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hello friend i did it and feel a big improvement is more fluent more loose with an att that was in it end xxx 24 partnership that was grabbing something now it's fast mine and ax3p

It's a bit off-topic but...

I've enabled 160mhz band for my 5g wifi, but I don't see it active. The apps says that it's a 80mhz band.

I know that my smartphone must support 160mhz, but I use a huawei p30 pro, so ali should be able to see/use the 160mhz.

Any tips?

Hello my friend do you have the notion of how to unlock in the wps option of the router thanks

Hello friend I use the p30 pro also it is only connected at 80ghz even the 30 pro is not 160 GHz

I have had the Quad Core (Pro) AX3 global model for several months, it came from the factory with firmware (C500) and has never been updated. ... until this week, and on August 11, 2021 it was finally receive an update, now in

I read this thread, and the spread of the updates is a mess.

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Did you notice any function change?

I've seen is that only Chinese version gets updated frequently.

No, I don't appreciate differences or changes in the administration panel. And obviously there is no official changelog from Huawei.

You can see it in the upgrade web page.

A Facebook ad popped up for this router, it's very very cheap but Huawei is such a closed source company so it will probably never run OpenWrt.

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it's clear we need to find the way to install/run openwrt relase in the box.

Can you help me? Please i have an ax3 pro Ws7200-30 (506) and another Ws7200-30 (500) BR version, but I need the software to update it, if you have it, send it to my gmail..., I ' I'm very grateful

has anyone have the problem of having a hidden wifi signal running with the same channel of the main wifi network (both 2.4ghz and 5ghz)? this is bothering me so much, my wifi speeds are very low, i can barely get 900mbps with the ax3 pro and intel ax200 with the antennas placed at about 1m distance, before this issue i had about 1.5gbps link speed

I´ve seen it too. As I understood it it related to link+ functionality, but even disabling it the hidden network still appears.

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