Support for Huawei AX3 Pro

The hidden networks are for the hilink mesh connection between multiple routers.

Please! Could someone share the file or link of the updated version of the global version of ax3 pro? I am stuck on and I do not receive via OTA in any way.

Amigo porfavor me puedes pasar la version ó ya que actualize al y tengo muchos problemas :cry:

If anyone has and can please, provide firmware newer than here on the forum. As much as I searched several sites, nothing was found. Save us dear friend who has this recent firmware and share it with us please.

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Yo ya me aloco buscando el firmware, tenia la versión y por probar si se actualiza a la versión, le puse la , y me sigue saliendo , que la versión actual ya está actualizada , ahora quisiera como volver a mi versión , ya que tengo miedo de que se quede atascado en la , y nunca mas se actualice :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I made exactly the same friend and now it only appears that it is already updated, I tried direct support with the manufacturer but without success, they do not provide firmware! I hope someone here can help us by making the current version available in order to update manually. In hope.

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Hey @seth-space do you still have the chinese Firmware? Is it possible to flash from global to chinese?
Could you pls send it to me.

Kind regards

Hi Niklas, sorry the link to the files does not work anymore.

Is there any other way to get it?

The only way is via Wechat (china) on this site:

I have these files, but sadly they won't help you, since global and Chinese routers are actually different HWs, and the firmwares aren't intercompatible. The only global firmware blob I've ever seen available for downloading is the you're stuck with.
There was a similar case with Chinese version, when people who manually upgraded to got stuck with it not receiving OTAs; in the end, Huawei support resolved it (by forcing "emergency" OTAs), but only after being bombarded by numerous affected users.

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Interesting is there seems to be a Brazilian firmware.. running on the chinese hardware but global language support.
If someone is able to get them i am very interested ( as will be many more i guess)


My case! I manually installed version 10.0. 5.17 and does not update to the latest versions! I imagine that if any comes out after having done this installation it will update, it is the hope since it does not find anywhere else! As for huawei support, I tried everything else they do not provide the firmware, unfortunately poor support for the product. Anyway, I keep an eye here, maybe a divine soul will appear and give us this joy.

Hi everyone! Sorry if I ask in the not right place. Just I am trying to fix a problem with my router on month yet. I have Huawei AX3 Pro. In my apartment, I have only wifi connection to internet. So I use a router as wifi extender. But it's strange, after connecting to wifi net through a router on a laptop it doesn't have access to the internet, but if I connecting to that wifi net through by phone(android) that is okay, the internet is. What is a problem, I don't understand?

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I have a couple of these Brazilian AX3 Pro's. They are on 10.05.24 (c506) and do not update. There are also enhanced edition AX3 Pro's on aliexpress now who are hardware wise the same but they are running 10.05.28 (c500). I would love to try that firmware version.

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@JohnFrannsen08 I also just purchased the AX3 Pro(Quad-Core) Brazilian version, waiting to be delivered.

I selected this version because it is advertised as having also 4 amplifiers as the Chinese version (and it happens I live in Brazil...).

However watching the video below (in Portuguese), this guy compares the Brazilian version with the Chinese version. Despite the Brazilian version supposedly having 4 amplifiers as the Chinese version, he found out that the range of the Chinese version is still superior.

It may be due to ANATEL’s (Brazilian FCCj certification or it does not have the 4 amplifiers as advertised, hard to know without a side-by-side teardown of the Chinsese and Brazialian versions.

Anyway, as others posted previously, while it would be awesome if OpenWRT would be ported to this device, this is something very difficult to happen unless Huwaei decides to release its source code (including the SoC Hi5651T and Wi-fi Hi1152 drivers), which is also not very likely IMHO.

The only (old) firmware versions online available are these as far as i know:

I am using a new Huawei AX3 Wifi6 Router, working good.
But software is old version . I clicked several time to update but each time it says "you are using latest firmware"
I want to load current version
Kindly provide the link to download this latest firmware,please

I request , anybody can provide the link to download it.

Kindly provide the link to download current version : for my Huawei router AX3 Pro, please