Support for Huawei AX3 Pro

any link for download?

Hello guys, I think this will be usefull.

I buy in November an AX3 PRO from official spanish site (global version), and I set up fine (AI Life recognized, wifi activated, etc). But recently I buy another AX3 PRO from Aliexpress...and this isn't global version, is chinese (my fault). I've been busy all afternoon trying to configure it (using google translator and translator integrated in Chrome), and this is the results:

  • Global version (max v. is recognized in app AI Life good, it's possible to configure in spanish trought web browser or with app AI Life, and all works fine with wifi activated. The router have the first port WAN (1) and the other three ports LAN (2-4).

  • Chinese version (max. v. works similar that Global version with the particularity of that all of four ports are WAN/LAN (1-4)

  • MESH feature activating the Chinese version (with factory reset) as repeater with the AILink button (wifi 2.4g connection, not wired between routers) works, but too bad: 2 ssid are set, the repeater use their standard wifi ssid without any security (and connected to Internet through the wifi mesh link, open my network omg), and the main router use the original wifi ssid.

  • MESH feature with similar configuration (Chinese as repeater) but using wired connection between routers it's not possible, the repeater not auto-configure when I conected LAN port (1) of main router (Global) to any WAN/LAN ports (1-4) of repeater router (Chinese), they can't comunicate.

  • MESH feature with Chinese as main router and Global as repeater using a wired connection from any WAN/LAN Chinese ports (1-4) to WAN Global port (1)..don't WORKS. But if you first configure both routers separately with the same SSID and password connecting to configure to the same internet conection and later you connect one to the host router by a, but this is not a MESH network it's only two routers with the same SSID. (I don't test this configuration with wifi connection because I need use wired to obtain max speed, but I think that also works). This only have the issue that I can't use AI Life app because don't recognize the Chinese host router, and when we activate mesh feature only 'exists' the host router, so I will have to resign to use web browser (translating...) to manage this network.

I hope that when Global version is update this could work with Global router hosting the wifi mesh network.

Best regards!.

Edit: Testing both...China version is much better than Global version, double coverage, isn't necessary wifi mesh. Does anybody knows if this is a diference in hardware or is only capable by software?

Chinese version is better because it has a signal amplifier.

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Thank you, Yes I have read the same this morning, China version have signal amplifiers that Global version don't have because international restrictions.

I have see too that there are other new Global version WS7200-30 (maybe for Mexico) that include signal amplifiers too. Anyway I'm too happy with Chinese version because, furthermore there have a best signal, there have a lot of new configurations that Global don't include...(yet?).

Guys.. don't forget he key od this post.. Please support huawei ax3 into openwrt, otherwise we are in hands of Chinese government.

Chances for that to happen are extremely low, as there is zero mainline support for the HiSilicon SOC, nor the Hi1152 wireless chipset. While nothing is impossible, I don't see this happening (neither soon, nor at all), given that there are alternatives that have much better starting conditions (ipq807x+qcn50x4, ipq60xx, ipq50xx, mt7622+mt7915e, …).


As far as I know the AX3 Pro (WS7200) uses Linux, does it mean Huawei must release their source code?

Sure, have a go at it.

Even having access to some partially proprietary vendor SDK doesn't magically give you a set of concise patches to add support for a new SOC or WiSOC, it may act as a starting point, but you will have to invest a lot of work on top of that, to beat it into shape for mainline or OpenWrt, and to keep it working with future kernels.

I don't mind trying, but what source should I ask them to disclose?

Dear Frifox!
I have a Huawei AX3 pro quad core router. Chinese language. I'd like to add global firmware. You have uploaded a link, but unfortunately it is no longer there. Would you please send me global firmware for this type if you have it? I can't handle Chinese.

Global software does not work on chinese version!
There are differences in hardware.

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Hi all,

I bought yesterday a WS7200_20 (global version) updated to the latest version (Current version:

I noticed that, strangely, as per default settings “Bandwidth” does not activate 160Mhz; after the setting update my Intel AC9650 card connects at a maximum speed of 1,7 Gbps but the “tested” speed is very unreliable and quite similar to a WiFi5 Tp-Link C7 AC1750 (80Mhz bandwidth and max 866 Mbps). Does anyone tested the 160Mhz bandwidth stability and the WS7200_20 performance against robust WiFi5 router?

Finally I used WiFi Scanner and discovered 2 “hidden networks” (one in 2.4 and one in 5.0Ghz), see picture (note: guest WiFi is off); does anyone know why WS7200 is broadcasting these hidden networks?

The hidden networks are for the hilink mesh connection between multiple routers.

Please! Could someone share the file or link of the updated version of the global version of ax3 pro? I am stuck on and I do not receive via OTA in any way.

Amigo porfavor me puedes pasar la version ó ya que actualize al y tengo muchos problemas :cry:

If anyone has and can please, provide firmware newer than here on the forum. As much as I searched several sites, nothing was found. Save us dear friend who has this recent firmware and share it with us please.

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Yo ya me aloco buscando el firmware, tenia la versión y por probar si se actualiza a la versión, le puse la , y me sigue saliendo , que la versión actual ya está actualizada , ahora quisiera como volver a mi versión , ya que tengo miedo de que se quede atascado en la , y nunca mas se actualice :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I made exactly the same friend and now it only appears that it is already updated, I tried direct support with the manufacturer but without success, they do not provide firmware! I hope someone here can help us by making the current version available in order to update manually. In hope.

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Hey @seth-space do you still have the chinese Firmware? Is it possible to flash from global to chinese?
Could you pls send it to me.

Kind regards

Hi Niklas, sorry the link to the files does not work anymore.