Support for Engenius EAP1750H

I'm really digging OpenWrt/Lede and its functionalities. I have not really done this type of hardware/firmware exploration before, so..

I have an engenius eap1750h. It is already running a version Openwrt. I can ssh to the the terminal and issue :
Then I get the openwrt root shell ( don't know if this is really a gain)
My question is; is it possible to compile a generic Openwrt image using the Image builder, and/or using a hex editor and determining the correct info in the engenius firmware to allow me to update the firmware using the newly compiled image?
or Use and image destined for a different machine that has very similar hardware and use the .config in image builder and edit the different parts?
Thanks for the info/help

Looks like the architecture is supported by OpenWrt/LEDE (would be under ar71xx) and there are already a few Engenius APs supported, but your device is not one of them. If similar devices are already supported, adding support might be pretty trivial (I have personally no idea to which lenghts Engenius goes to block custom firmwares, like e.g. Ubiquiti and TP-Link try to).

@Tundra_bit I have worked on EAP600 and several others. I can help you get this board supported if you want

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