Support for D-Link DAP-1720

Hi. I have a D-Link DAP-1720 and I'd like to know if there's any compatible Openwrt firmware that could be installed.

I also would appreciate any help to guide me to build it.

Provide info about the hardware (SoC and radio chipset) , and we'll tell you if the device could be supported down the road, currently it's not...

Hi @frollic Thanks for your prompt reply.

Here are the information I have about it:

System-On-Chip (SoC) / CPU: QCA9563-AL3A
Eth Phy: Atheros AR8033-AL1A
RAM chip: W9751G6KB25J DDR DRAM, 32MX16, 0.4ns, CMOS, PBGA84
Wireless 1 (2.4 GHz): QCA9563-AL3A
Wireless 2 (5 GHz): QCA9880-BR4A

This is the link for FCC ID site:

Here's a couple of similar devices[CPU*~]=QCA9563&dataflt[WLAN+Hardware*~]=QCA9880

Check if any of them installs through initramfs, if that's the case, try booting it on your device,
if not, you'll need to create your own initramfs based on any of those.
You'll probably need serial console access for the 2nd option, but that's something you'd need down the road anyway.