Support for Asus 4G-AC53U

Hello everyone,

I see that there is support for the Asus RT-AC53U (link) but nothing for its mobile network variant, the ASUS 4G-AC53U which came out early this year. Are there plans to support it? It's a great all-in-one tiny machine with only 2 gigabit ports and LTE Cat6 support.

Thank you.

Can you provide detailed internal hardware information about this device?

Do you have a device you're willing to open up?

I just tried to pry it open. The thing is so tough... I used 3 prying tools at the same time, but the two clips at the bottom of the case just wouldn't release! My fingers are still hurting and I was trying for 20'! The case bent so much it almost broke, and the device is not mine unfortunately so I don't want to make any permanent damage to it...

Is there a software way to know its specs? Maybe through SSH?

Thank you.