Support for Afoundry EW750

Hello all,

I saw that the Afoundry EW1200 router already is supported by OpenWRT(LEDE, but I have one Afoundry EW750 device.
Can I hope for the future for my device to be supported? Or already I can flash my device with the EW1200 firmware?
Thanks in advance.



Would need some information on what's inside the box as there aren't any specs on your link, or at

The link for support given on Afoundry-AF-EW750-Wireless-Fastest-Computer/dp/B01EC2N18E appears to now redirect to a spam site (tells you to download Flash). doesn't exist either.

An AliExpress page suggests

  • MT7620A
  • MT7610E
  • 8 MB flash ("up to 16 MB")
  • 64 MB RAM


the back of my box tells this device has:

  • 16 MB of Flash
  • 64 MB of DDR2

Ther's no MCU section, so I sent an e-mail to the seller.
I hope I will be able to report the information needed soon.



I decompressed the config file and found two folders under the "wireless" folder, named respectively:

  • mt7612e
  • mt7628

Could somebody tell to me some words on the support for this device?

I am searching information on EW1200 because it seems the only Afoundry device already supported by OpenWRT/LEDE and it seems very similar to the EW750.
I'm not an engineer, but I have some computer knowledge and mostly I've seen the goodness of OpenWRT/LEDE and I would like much to replace the stock firmware with it.
For now I can say that ther's no SSH and Telnet capabilities.
Thanks in advance.


Without either a boot log or some poking around in a running system, it's hard to know what is in there. Blindly flashing another device's firmware is not recommended as the chances of hard-bricking your device are pretty high.

If it is based on OpenWRT, it might have a failsafe mode which might enable either telnet or ssh, depending on the age of the source and how they may have modified it. You might try clicking the reset button, if it has one, during the early boot.

At least with recent versions of OpenWRT on some devices, the "power" light will flash a few times a second early in the boot process. Clicking the reset or WPS (or ...?) button during that two- or three-second window triggers failsafe and makes the power light flash even faster.

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thanks for answering.
Inside the config file stripped ther's an "uci-defaults" folder that makes me think the firmware of this device is based on OpenWRT.

My seller replied to my question stating this device has:

  • MT7628AN
  • MT7612E

That confirms what is in the configuration file and I said previously.
I'll try to put it in failsafe mode and hope I will return soon reporting some more information.


If you've got a firmware image, binwalk and unsquashfs would likely allow you to look in detail at what is on the filesystem, without needing to "get into" the running device.


I own the latest firmware, I stripped it and inside there are four files:

  • mt7628_q500en.eeprom
  • mt7628_q500en.flash
  • mt7628_q500en.uboot
  • mt7628_q500en_1.5.7.bin

Don't know actually if ther's something useful for your purpose.
It's an WIP for me


In the time you wrote the above messages, you could have already opened your device and you could have taken photos of the relevant chips, including flash + RAM. 10min later you could have updated

That would have been helpful, not only for OpenWrt but for everyone interested in this device.

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Hello thomas. i have this router [Afoundry EW750] how can i help. I am willing to add all the details about this router to Wikidevi...if you're willing please contact me direct so we can discuss this.

Hello, I can't post a picture of the main chips, because the router in question is very difficult to disassemble: you need a very long screwdriver that I don't have.
Could I flash this router with OpenWRT based on the information above?
My seller replied stating this device has:

  • MT7628AN
  • MT7612E

Hello ,
do you have software for Afoundry EW750]

Yes, I have the original firmware. Do you need?

Hello, finally I have opened the device, and took a photo of the most relevant chip, I suppose.
This could help to get the correect version of Openwrt?
It would be very difficult getting other pictures, since I dont know how to disassemble this device more than this.

Hello, I succeded to do some other pictures from the device.
Does this help?

I apologize for the late reply, now I see that you wrote.
I need the latest new router software
Afoundry EW1200 Gigabit

If you have software for Afoundry EW 750 you can also send us

Hello, here is the original software for Afoundry EW750.
The file is named mt7628_q500en_1.5.7.tar.gz