Support AIoT AC2350 Xiaomi?

To bring the transmission power level in the 2.4 GHz band to the level of the white version (Chinese), you need to patch the art partition, which is unique for each router. While I patch dumps manually for those who want to, but I think how to automate it.

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After flashing the new rootfs and rebooting the device the power limit still didn't increase for 5GHz:

root@XiaoQiang:~# iwinfo wl0 txpowerlist
   0 dBm (   1 mW)
   2 dBm (   1 mW)
   4 dBm (   2 mW)
   6 dBm (   3 mW)
   8 dBm (   6 mW)
  10 dBm (  10 mW)
  12 dBm (  15 mW)
* 14 dBm (  25 mW)
root@XiaoQiang:~# iwinfo wl1 txpowerlist
   0 dBm (   1 mW)
   6 dBm (   3 mW)
   7 dBm (   5 mW)
   8 dBm (   6 mW)
   9 dBm (   7 mW)
  10 dBm (  10 mW)
  11 dBm (  12 mW)
* 12 dBm (  15 mW)

But the region selection is available => flash was successful

  1. What region is selected for WiFi?
  2. What the following commands output:
bdata get CountryCode
nvram get CountryCode


  1. I selected "People's Republic of China"
root@XiaoQiang:~# bdata get CountryCode
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram get CountryCode

The reason for the limit is this. You need to change the Bdata: CountryCode=CN

Now I'm preparing a rootfs with scripts for patching Bdata and art directly on the router in the ssh console.

You can try to use the scripts manually, without waiting for the new version of the rootfs:


  1. Copy the scripts to the router
  2. ./
  3. mtd write /tmp/crash_unlock.bin crash
  4. reboot
  5. ./
  6. mtd write /tmp/bdata.mod.bin Bdata
  7. ./art
  8. mtd write /tmp/art.mod.bin art
  9. mtd erase crash
  10. reboot

It worked :wink:


I updated the modification of rootfs and wrote some instructions (


Can I just download "squashfs-root.3.mod.bin" file and direct update on the router UPDATE MANUALLY section (black version)?

I temporarily made the repository on github private due to problems encountered by several users of the manual.

It is impossible to flash unofficial firmware via the web interface, because the digital signature is checked there.

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Built rootfs with fixes and updated the instructions. Access to the repository is restored:
I recommend flashing the modified rootfs according to the updated instructions to anyone who has flashed previous versions of the modified rootfs.

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With the modified rootfs and art what's the max dbm/mw on 2.4 & 5 ghz?

root@XiaoQiang:/# iwinfo wl0 txpowerlist | grep "*"
* 29 dBm ( 794 mW)
root@XiaoQiang:/# iwinfo wl1 txpowerlist | grep "*"
* 28 dBm ( 630 mW)

5GHz - 29 dBm
2.4GHz - 28 dBm
This is equal to the limits on the white (chinese) version of the router.


Very nice eisaev! Even i managed to do it :upside_down_face:

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I am using windows, it is possible to update through windows? if yes, which software i need?

I don't use Windows, but my instructions are used by Windows users. Most of them are Russian speakers and they communicate here:

At the moment, there is a certain percentage of failed update attempts according to my instructions on some instances of routers. I've localized the issue, but haven't updated the instructions and files yet. Will be soon...

Instructions updated:
UPD Initially, an incorrect URL to rootfs was added to the instructions. I've fixed it now.


Hi! Is miwifi app still usable with the modified rootfs?

I don't use this app. But there are already at least a dozen people who have flashed the mod, and no one has yet complained that the application does not work. I don't see any objective reasons for the issues. Are you facing some kind of issue?

I have not installed it yet. I just received the device and plan to install the mod as the wifi is terrible. I was just asking. Thank you for your awesome work on this device!

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